Monday, 27 August 2012

Lost between Census Years; Can You Help?

Well I’ve finished transcribing the 1851 census for the relevant entries (that have been transcribed as such), and I’m now faced with marrying off and killing off those that I can’t identify as being around on my 1841 list.

I’ve been at this for a couple of weeks and so thought I’d share with you the details of those that I can’t identify in the hope that some of you out there may be able to assist.

As these are 1841 birth years, please remember that they could be ± 5 years

192.0 - Elizabeth STEERS
Born in approximately 1771, living in Alfred Street, Islington Elizabeth was not born in County.

193.0 – Susannah STEERS
Born in approximately 771, living in Eaton Lane North, St. George Hanover Square and working as a charwoman.

196.0 – William STEERS
An agricultural labourer born in approximately 1771, living in Hayley Green, Caddington, Hertfordshire. He was not born in County.

334.0 – William STEERS
Born in Middlesex in approximately 1821 to William, a carpenter, and Ann, William was living in Teddington, Middlesex on the road leading to Hampton Clarence Place.

His older siblings, Ann (born ~1780) and Thomas (born ~ 1811) have both been located in 1851.

208.0 – Amelia STEERS
Born in approximately 1781 and living via independent means, Amelia was living in Curtain Hall, Buxted, Sussex. She was not born in County

214.0 – George STEERS
Born approximately 1781, George was working as a servant in Lydiad House, Liddiard Treegooze, Wiltshire. He was not born in County.

215.0 – Humphrey STEERS
Born in approximately 1781 and living via independent means, Humphrey was living in Holsbury, Heathfield, Sussex. He was not born in County

216.0 & 216.1 – James and Susanna STEERS
James was born approximately 1781 and worked as a labourer. Susanna was born approximately 1791 and worked as a laundress. They lived on Sun Street in Potton, Bedfordshire. Neither was born in County.

217.0 – James STEERS
James was born in Hertfordshire in approximately 1781. He worked as a tile maker and lived in Church Street, Ware, Hertfordshire.

218.0 & 218.1 – John and Berthia STEERS
John was born in approximately 1779 in Shoreditch, Middlesex. He married Berthia NEWMAN nee LONG In 1850; she was born approximately 1808 in the City of London. In 1841 they were living on William Street in Bethnal Green, Middlesex.

219.0 – Margaret STEERS
She was born in approximately 1782 in Middlesex. She was living via independent means in Cow Crofts Street, St. Sepulchre, Middlesex.

313.0 – Eliza STEERS
Born in approximately 1813 in Middlesex to Thomas, a gardener, and Ann STEERS. Eliza was living in Teddington High Street, Middlesex.

227.0 – Mrs. STEERS
This rather elusive entry was born in approximately 1791. She was living in Seymour Place, Kensington, Middlesex . She wasn’t born in County.

So that’s it for a first batch. I’m sure there’s many more I won’t be able to marry off or kill off, but if anyone can help I’d appreciate it.